Menu TJ'S Leeds

It is needless to say that people have a special liking for pizza and burgers. These dishes are one of the best items that you’ll ever find in a restaurant recipe. At TJ'S, we are here to bring you some of the most exciting dishes ever. Let's start with our menu. Start your meal with some Chicken Nuggets with Chips and Cheese, Spicy Chicken Wings, etc. On Pizza, you can try our specials like Indiana Hot and Spicy Pizza, Mexicano Pizza, etc. You can also taste our lean pizza dishes such as Pepperoni Lean Pizza, Hot Shot Lean Pizza, etc. Try out The TJ's Special Burger, Hot Chilli Burger, Cheese Burger, etc. We also have some Kebab specials like Chicken Shish Kebab, Mixed Kebab, TJ's Special Kebab, etc. Besides, we also have wraps, such as Chicken Wrap (Fried) (NEW), Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken Wrap, calzones, parmesan, and some delightful desserts and drinks. Reach us soon.



About TJ'S Leeds

The variety of dishes we offer is the strength of our success today. We have numerous visitors visiting today mainly because we can offer them the recipe they favor. We always try to exceed our customers' expectations and have been able to hold on to our reputation well. We plan to offer you more innovative dishes in the coming days, and we firmly believe that we can keep up to our promise. You can avail of both home delivery and pick-up service from us. To access these facilities, you need to download our app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and book your order through it. Our delivery service is quite prompt, so you can expect your food to reach your location, taking little time. Our restaurant cordially welcomes you to taste some exquisite dishes. Visit here soon.

Restaurant location TJ'S Leeds

The location at 341 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2HD, is very beneficial for our restaurant. This is a location which needs no introduction as most of you are familiar with this place. You’ll get plenty of public transport vehicles to reach here. This street is not complicated at all, unlike some other roads in the city; hence, even if you are new to this place coming from any corner of the city, you will easily reach here with a minimum of fuss. Despite that, if you still are having trouble locating us, use our mobile app, which has an in-built GPS tracking system to help you in navigation. Join us soon for a great day.